Allure Smart Vanity Mirror by Frednology

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Be social while being connected facebook, instagram, snapchat etc.

Check out your multimedia files and download stuff via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Allure’s also got a built-in mic and speaker, and comes with the nifty Flo Period Tracker, to help you keep tabs or plan around that time of the month.

On your vanity, in the bathroom, on your bedside table or your desk, Allure is just the right size and has just the right shade of rose gold to match most any interior design.


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Enjoy getting ready with the Frednology Allure Smart Makeup Mirror

This beauty gadget makes putting on makeup even more fun. Offering color accuracy and clarity, Allure’s special lighting helps you always look your best. By using Allure’s Sephora app, you can test out lipstick colors before putting them on.

 Once your makeup is done, quickly take the perfect selfie using the built-in front camera. In addition, Allure can connect to your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more for instant sharing. You can also download and browse multimedia files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

 Allure features a built-in microphone and speaker, making it easy to listen to music or even take calls while you get ready. With its compact size and beautiful rose gold color, Allure looks great in your bathroom, on your desk, or anywhere you put it.

Allure’s LumiereMax makes sure the colours you see are accurate and as clear as daylight. You can even try out lipstick colours before you put them on, thanks to Allure’s Sephora app.


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