Ajax StarterKit

About the product

- Can easily be expanded with additional Ajax ecosystem sensors.

- Active communication channel - Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA.

- Up to 99 users of the system, which is especially convenient for use in offices.

- It is protected from jamming, and the transmitted data is encrypted.

- Management of the entire system through a mobile application (iOS, Android).

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Principle of operation

Sensitive sensors determine the movement of a person and the opening of a window or door. The hub reports an alarm to the security guard and the owner of the system on the smartphone.



The capabilities of the starter kit are expanded by connecting sensors against fire, flooding, automation devices and video cameras.


Installation and installation

Installs in 30 minutes. Sensors are connected and configured using a mobile application, and then mounted on Smart Bracket mounts, which are included. 

The starter kit

The starter kit for the Ajax security system. The kit consists of the hub, motion detector, opening detector and key fob with panic button.

Ajax starterkit

The first step is to protect the one-room apartment or the entrance of the house. This is a basic set of wireless security system Ajax with the ability to expand security features by adding additional devices.

Item Weight 
320 g
Product Dimension
162.7x162.7x35.9 mm
Black, White
iOS 9.1, Android 4.1
Alarm delivery time
0.15 s
Sensor life 
7 years
Support SIM-card
Micro SIM 2G
Radio signal power
25 mW
Viewing angles (H / V)
88.5 ° / 80 °
Installation height 
2.4 m


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Smart Security Systems

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Apple Accessories

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Pet Gadgets