Ajax StarterKit Plus

About the product

- The minimum set of sensors that protect against intrusion.

- Detecting movement in a room and opening a window / door.

- Uses 4-D communication channels to send alarms: Ethernet, WiFi.

- Operating time on backup power reaches 16 hours.

- Work with mobile devices iOS, Android.

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StarterKit Plus

The starting point for building an integrated security system from hacking, fire and flooding. Up to 150 different sensors and 50 cameras are connected to it. Due to additional devices, the kit is scaled to accommodate any size: a two-level apartment, a three-storey mansion, an office, a shop or cafe, a storage room.


Full control over the situation with Ajax

Intellectual central of the second generation with four communication channels, a new powerful processor, three times a large amount of RAM and doubled the amount of flash memory. Hub Plus controls the operation of all Ajax sensors and instantly alerts you to the alarms of the system owner and the security company.


Instant Motion Detection

Quick response to penetration is one of the main functions that any motion sensor has. Ajax MotionProtect will detect a person literally from the first step and instantly tell you about it on a smartphone. In addition, the sensor can distinguish between people and animals and does not respond to objects whose mass is less than 20 kg. This ensures there are no false positives when your cat or dog enters the room with the sensor.


Doors and windows protected

With miniature wireless sensors Ajax DoorProtect all entrances to your home or office under reliable security. The sensor responds to the opening of a door or window and quickly sends an alarm to the hub, and it, in turn, will send you a smartphone or remote control.


Simple control with key ring

Ajax SpaceControl's small stylish keychain lets you control your alarm system with just a few buttons. Control is transmitted through a secure channel that cannot be cracked or replaced. The signal transmission range is about 1000 meters (in open areas).

Item Weight 
320 g
Product Dimension
162.7x162.7x35.9 mm
iOS 9.1, Android 4.1 
Operating temperature range
0 ° C ~ +50 ° C
Sensor life
Up to 7 years
Battery Life
Up to 16 hours
Power supply
110-250 V AC
Communication range with central
Up to 2000 m
Surveillance IP Camera


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