AirPodPal Pitaka

About the product

- Wireless charge, supports wireless charging on all Qi-compatible devices.

- Inbuilt with 1200mAh battery, triple your AirPods battery life.

- Charge your phone as an emergency power bank.

- Removable metal plate makes it easy to carry and organize.

- Military grade protection. Bullet-proof materials brings solid protection.

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Emergency Power Bank for Your Phone.

Inside battery can not only charge the AirPods, but also can work as an emergency power bank for your phone. The AirPods are pretty great the way they are, but ask any designer and they’ll say that they could be much more. Ask designer Tang Gan of Pitaka and he’ll straight up tell you that the AirPods should A.

Wirelessly charge, B. Have a longer battery life, and C. Not be so difficult to find inside a backpack. Combine those three insights and you get yourself the AirPodPal, an attachment that augments the abilities of the AirPods… or as Tang says, “Makes your AirPods easier to carry, charge & find”.


Designed as a neat looking carbon fiber bodied module that attaches directly to the base of your Airpod case, the AirPodPal gives your favorite earphones wireless charging abilities… a much-needed upgrade, considering the iPhone and Apple Watch both support wireless charging. 

Its slender body also happens to house a 1200 mAh battery which not only extends the life of your AirPods by three whole days, but also serves as an emergency power bank for your smartphone, proverbially knocking two birds with a single stone.


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