Adlens Focus Adjustable Eyeglasses

About the product

- Adjustable Focus: -4.00 to +5.00.

- Instant vision like a second pair of glasses for extra boost in eyesight.

- Adlens is a range of adjustable-focus reading glasses.

- Focus precisely at different distances.

- They’re great for easy transportation, carry in your bag at all times. 

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Adjustable-focus reading glasses

Adlens is a range of adjustable-focus reading glasses that allow you to focus precisely at different distances. Focus Adjustable Eyeglasses -4D to +5D Diopters Myopia Magnifying Reading Glasses! Adlens prescription lenses are easy to use and adjust.  Meaning you don’t need to worry about breaking them when you alter the prescription, so feel free to share these glasses with your husband or wife and change the prescription all the time. 

These frames are unisex and sleek

These spectacles can hold up to all normal stresses including frequent adjustments to prescription. The nose piece can be changed as well, ensuring you really can share them with someone else without breaking, cracking or distorting the frames! They have a classy appearance and are impact resistance so they'll always fit the occasion and activity. They are also light weight and durable.

Healthier for your eye

Using new technology, they are healthier for your eye muscles since they won't need to strain even for a moment if your sight changes - with a large adaptation range, they are instant prescription glasses without visiting the optometrist. Made with only high grade materials, you can expect these glasses to last.

Item Weight

0.6 ounces (17 g)

Product Dimensions 

49 x 22 x 136 mm
High grade materials


Blue, Rose, Black
Adjustable Focus
-4.00 to +5.00
Sleek, simple,  for men and women
Storage Hard Case


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