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- Slim design and perfect grip, the world's first smartphone case.

- The case is equipped with sensors that detect when the phone falls.

- Sensors are switched on, four springs are triggered - located on the housing.

- The sensors induce the release of four springs.

- Force the phone to bounce without letting the phone hit the ground.

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Smartphone case

Vision with ADcase is a smartphone case that combines maximum protection with an elegant design. The case is so clever that it even matters whether it is in your hand, in your pocket or in free fall. A case that supports the user and offers real added value.

Equipped with sensors

This is a relatively thin case for iPhone 6 and above (it protrudes only 4.9 mm from the back of the phone), which is equipped with sensors that detect when the phone is in free fall. These sensors automatically trigger pairs of metal spring curls that should pop out of every corner of the case, cushioning the phone's fit - AD in the name stands for Active Damping.

Mobile airbags

The sensors available in the Mobile Airbag enclosure force four springs to release, causing the phone to explode when using the ground, giving high altitude chances of scratching and tripping. Shock absorbers in the body are put in the "cushion" with metal springs, and they are essentially trying to absorb life. Once the dampers are deployed, you can find the dampers back in the housing, you can use it again.

Extra battery

In addition to the fall protection system, the case also includes an optional battery that can be charged with cable or wireless charging, similar to Apple's own iPhone battery case.

Product Dimensions 

4.9 x 0.6 x 30 mm


Blue, Black
iPhone with 6 according to the X-model
360° softens the fall primarily, the display of the smartphone
Slim, supports wireless charging and can slightly recharge the connected iPhone
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