AcuRite Weather Station

About the product

- Monitor actual weather conditions in your own backyard.

- Compatible with Alexa - Ask "Alexa, ask AcuRite about backyard weather".

- Create custom alerts to get notifications sent directly to your phone.

- Share your weather with friends, family, and online weather underground.

- Monitor and protect more things you care about in and around your home.

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Indoor and Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

AcuRite's temperature and humidity sensor has a built in hygrometer to measure environmental conditions with precision and accuracy. Its' compact size and integrated mounting options give you the freedom to use it almost anywhere for an almost endless number of applications.

The sensor wirelessly transmits its' readings at 16 second intervals over distances up to 330 ft. Stay informed of the temperature and humidity conditions in the places you care about most with AcuRite's Temperature and Humidity sensor.

Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Monitor air temperature and humidity in the areas you care about inside the home. When paired with My AcuRite, you can remotely view conditions from inside your home from anywhere using the My AcuRite apps and software. When used with a Water Detector add-on wired sensor, the monitor will also provide a local audible and visible alert when leaks are detected.

Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Precisely monitor temperature and humidity outside of your home, giving you the information you need to Plan Your Day with Confidence. When connected to My AcuRite, you can keep an eye on trends and changes in air conditions, and customize alerts to notify you by phone or email to let you know about changes in the things you care about, such as when temperature falls below freezing, or heat index reaches dangerously high levels. 

Backup batteries

Backup batteries allow AcuRite access to continue receiving and storing up to 12 hours of readings during a power outage, and once power is restored, it will upload these readings to my AcuRite. AcuRite access lets you expand your system to connect up to a total of seven compatible AcuRite devices, allowing you to monitor and protect more things you care about in and around your home.

Create custom alerts

Create custom alerts to be notified when key conditions change so you know when to take action, and even share your real-time weather details with family, friends, and the weather underground online community. My AcuRite also stores a month's worth of readings in 5 minute intervals, allowing you to easily analyze trends and identify potential emerging risks. 

Add-On Wired Sensors for Indoor & Outdoor Monitors

Add-on Wired Sensors add new capabilities to AcuRite’s Indoor and Outdoor Monitors, allowing you to keep an eye on more things you care about. The Water Detector is a great way to look for leaks under the sink or in the basement.

The Liquid and Soil Temperature Sensor allow you to monitor things like stored liquids, or even ground temperature conditions for gardening and farming. Spot Check Sensor allows you to see ongoing temperature and humidity conditions in terrariums, humidors, and hard to reach places.

Monitor actual hyper-local weather conditions

Monitor actual hyper-local weather conditions in your own backyard anytime from anywhere, giving you the information you need to make better decisions, every day. More accurate and reliable than weather reports from across town, you can connect to your outdoor environment from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser.

My AcuRite free Apps and software display your weather information on an easy-to-read Dashboard, giving a quick, intuitive view into trends and current details about the conditions that matter most to you, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and barometric pressure. 


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