Acton R5 Rocket Skates

About the product

- 5 miles range on a full Charge.

- 1.5-Hour battery Charge Time.

- 180 lb (81.65  kg) weight capacity, 7mph top speed.

- Two 50W DC hub motors.

Best video reviews

Electric rollers in the field of personal electric vehicles

Visually the design raises some questions about "convenience", although it is difficult to judge without a personal test drive. The rollers are mounted directly on the shoes and are activated by simply pressing a button. Each "boot" is equipped with an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery and a processor. Wireless communication allows you to coordinate the speed of the rollers among themselves.


Use rollers

To accelerate one of the rollers you need to tilt forward, for braking - respectively, backwards. The design is made so that the toe of the leg remains free, it is made for easy lifting in the stairs without removing the ACTON ROCKETSKATES. It is not necessary to use mobile devices to use videos, although the mobile application is also provided by the creators.




The ACTON App, which can be installed on iOS and Android devices, allows you to view routes, take measurements of the speedometer, monitor the condition of the rollers and the battery charge. Of the features and characteristics, it can be noted that the maximum speed - 20 km / h. The course of the course will be enough for 8 kilometers, and the battery will be charged for about an hour and a half.

Top speed
10 mph
5 miles
50 W hub motor
Lithium ion
Charge time
1.5 hrs
180 lbs
Lead skate
7.5 lbs 
Follower skates
3.5 lbs
9 in X 8 in X 8.5 in
Blue/  red


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