3DR Solo Quadcopter

About the product

- Pushbutton commands put both camera and copter at your fingertips. 

- Take off, land or instantly pause your flight midair with a single touch. 

- Click to start recording or snap a photo, adjust camera angle while you fly.

- Full-featured app for iOS and Android puts total craft control at your fingertips.

- Uses GPS for flight, 1/2 mile flying range.

Best video reviews

Solo, powered by twin 1 GHz computers

The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like pushbutton flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, Solo makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video. Solo is powered by two 1 GHz computers for the best and smoothest aerial photography experience imaginable, and includes many world-first technologies and a host of built-in safety and support features. 

Drone with a brain

The first consumer drone with a brain, Solo is powered by twin computers. Only drone to stream wireless HD video from GoPro direct to iOS/Android devices. Powerful Smart Shot technology makes capturing incredible cinematic footage easy and automatic.

Solo Gimbal delivers smooth footage

Revolutionary, intuitive video game-style controller. Solo Gimbal delivers smooth footage, GoPro power and control, HDMI video and intelligent camerawork. Future-proof accessory and gimbal bays make Solo ready for tomorrow’s technology: сoncepts under development include LiDAR for super stable indoor flight; ballistic parachute system, flight rewind and more.

App for iOS and Android

Full-featured app for iOS and Android puts total craft control at your fingertips. Unique safety features like pause and 'safety net' mean you can fly with confidence. Take to the air in seconds with effortless pushbutton flight. Free software and feature updates ensure your Solo grows and adapts with advancements in technology.


Get an iconic wraparound shot by locking your GoPro onto any object. Orbit mode puts Solo on a circular track with an adjustable radius. Fly around the circle in either direction and Solo will keep the camera locked on your subject. You can also adjust altitude and flight speed to create dynamic and sophisticated aerial shots.

Cable Cam

With Solo locked on a virtual cable in the air, you’re free to pan and tilt the camera without worrying about piloting the copter. Solo can even memorize the shot at each end point and fly itself from one frame to the next, while working the camera for you as smoothly and evenly as a seasoned pro.


Put yourself in the center of a scenic aerial pull-out. As Solo flies itself up and back, your surroundings expand, building and revealing more and more of the world around you - it’s a portrait and a landscape all at once. Record the clip directly to your phone for easy saving and sharing.

What's in the box

The quadcopter, Camera gimbal for stable shots, Self-tightening propellers, Remote controller, Li-Po Solo battery, Rechargeable controller battery, Backpack for carrying the drone around, instructions.

Item Weight

3.3 pounds (1.5 kg)

Product Dimensions 

18 x 18 x 10 inches (45.7 x 45.7 x 25.4 cm)


Black, Silver
14.8 volt LiPo (5200 mAh)
Rechargeable controller battery
2600 mAh / 7.2 Vdc
Battery life controller
Lasts 4 hours (8 hours with optional extendable battery)
3DR Propellers
10 x 4.5 inches self-tightening 
Solo Gimbal 
The 3-axis 
Streaming video quality
Flight time
25 minutes, 20 minutes with payload
5 miles (8 km)
Max speed
55 mph (89 km/h)


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Smart Security Systems

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Travel Gadgets

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Gaming Gadgets